Details For Students:

Unfortunately, Adobe is not free for students. However, you can get it at the adobe website at a student rate.


Details For Faculty:

Adobe suite comes include in your faculy status, To download Adobe, go to

Artboard 83
Enter your official email address and click Continue.




Artboard 82 OSU uses a Single Sign-on, you will be directed to OSU OKEY login page. Enter OSU Full Email Address (under Id) and your okey password in password. Once completed it will roll you back to adobe website with you signed in

During the enterprise onboarding process, your organization purchases plans offering access to various Adobe products and services. The products can include Creative Cloud products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. The products can include Document Cloud products such as Acrobat and services such as Adobe Sign. The plans can also include Marketing Cloud products such as Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager.

You can fine-tune the usage of these plans within your organization through product profiles. Product profiles let you enable all or a subset of Adobe services available in a plan and customize settings associated with a given product and plan.

number 3  Once back at the website, click on your profile in the upper right corner. Click "Adobe Account" from the drop down. Next, Click "View and Download Apps". Click "Install" next to Adobe Creative Cloud.This will download the full suite. Finally, just click the programs you'd like to install from the available list.