Artificial Intelligence "Information not provided" C. Crick, D. Heisterkamp, B. Mayfield



big data

Big Data: This project developed a mobile application that can support millions of live video broadcast and maintain all the connections and transmission of videos. The project also leverages social networks such as Facebook to populate the friend list and to broadcast a live video to. E. Akbas, C. Crick, D. Heisterkamp, K. M. George, N. Park, J. Thomas, A. Bagavathi




Bioinformatics "Information not provided" H. K. Dai



Typical computer architecture systems


Computer Architecture and Systems "Information not provided" D. Heisterkamp, N. Park




Typical computer architecture systems


Computer and Sensor Networks "Information not provided" A. T. Burrell, J. Thomas



cryptography 1091256 960 720


Cryptography and Security: "No Information Provided" J. Thomas



digital image


Digital Entertainment "augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to safety workers and first responders, industrial and manufacturing concerns, digital entertainment, and the quality of life for people in general." B. Mayfield




img proc


Graphics, Vision and Image Processing "No Information Provided" C. Crick, H. K. Dai, D. Heisterkamp, B. Mayfield



machine learning 4129175 960 720


Machine Learning "No Information Provided" E. Akbas, C.Crick, A. Bagavathi



mob computing


Mobile Computing "No Information Provided" B. Mayfield



operating system 1995434 960 720


Operating Systems "No Information Provided" A. T. Burrell



Distributed parallel



Parallel and Distributed Computing "No Information Provided" H. K. Dai, J. Thomas






Reliability Theory and Risk Analysis "No Information Provided" K. M. George






Robotics "No Information Provided" C. Crick






Social Network Analysis "No Information Provided" E. Akbas




soft eng

Software Engineering "No Information Provided" R. Bhowmik